Women’s Philanthropy

Who We Are

Our Federation’s women’s philanthropy groups engage Jewish women in the fulfilling work of making the world a better place. Across all communities, we are building and supporting Jewish life for today and future generations. Women philanthropists have always been the the changers and shapers of the community, and the world. We are all united as sisters, daughters, mothers, and friends. We are compassionate and committed women at every stage of life and career.

Women Taking Action

Through our donations and hands-on community service, we fight domestic violence, improve women’s health , educate about nutrition, provide shelter to vulnerable children, protect at-risk seniors and beyond. We support Israel with our dollars and our presence. Federation inspires and empowers women to become leaders and decision-makers. Our collective philanthropy enriches our own lives while also improving the lives of others.

Introducing the Pearl Society

Join other like-minded women who share a common culture, long-held traditions and a commitment to what is means to be Jewish. Be part of making our community and our world better.

With a gift of $180 in your name to the Jewish Federation of Western Connecticut 2019/20 Annual Campaign, you automatically become a member of The Pearl Society!

As a member, you have the option of purchasing a custom-designed pendant, shown above, created by Elyse Ryan Jewelry. The pendant features on one side a silver hamsa with a fresh water pearl set in the metal. The reverse side has the Hebrew letter Pey representing the Hebrew word P’nina meaning Pearl.

The pendant is available for purchase at the price of $49.
There are three National Recognition levels for our Women’s Philanthropy Campaign:
Lion of Judah
The Pomegranate Society
The Pearl Society

More details to follow such as plans for a special Women’s Philanthropy event open to all Pearl Society members as well as Pomegranate and Lion of Judah members!

Lion's of Judah

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Pomegranate Society

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